The Blue Workshop


With Massimo Polello

Free spots availible!

Facination of one color and it‘s possiblities
Why is Blue so popular? What attracts us to it so strongly? Its spirituality, melancholy, depth, purity, happiness?
Carl Jung wrote, “We assume that blue, as vertical, means altitude and depth (i.e. the blue sky above, the blue sea below). Blue is the traditional color of the Virgin’s coat, because it is feminine in nature. But the soul represents, like woman, the height and depth of man.”
In this workshop, we will use only the color blue: Indigo, Prussian, Ultramarine, to name but a few. Acrylics, inks, paper dyes, powder pigments, gesso. We will explore several dying techniques for creating backgrounds on paper in order to reach a spiritual atmosphere from which to perfectly integrate our calligraphy, examining and focusing on the expressivity of the calligraphic line and variations of romans letters. At the conclusion of this workshop, each of us will write and bind our own personal “Blue Book.“

Writing tools: All of your favorite usual and “unusual” tools (folding pens, ruling pens, etc), 1 mm Brause nib (or Speedball C5), Pointed pen with flexible nib (any brand, your favorite pen you use for Copperplate), 1 broad edged brush, approx 60mm/3 inches wide (very flat), Gouache, extra fine, in any color to contrast well with blue (i.e. ochre, white, gold, silver, etc
Bookbinding: scissors, cutter, steel ruler, lagre cutting mat, bone folder etc.
Paper: We will bring some papers to work with (included in the course fee) but we suggest to bring what you have in addition. Massimos recommendations: A minimum of 5 large sheets of PRINTMAKING PAPER, approximately 50×70 cm , not more then 165/180 gsm. WARMLY SUGGESTED  PAPER BRANDS: Velin ARCHES paper 165gr. OR SIMILAR  Hahnemhule, Rives BFK
2 sheet of heavier PRINTMAKING PAPER around 240gsm size 50×70 cm (suggested Arches, Fabriano Rosaspina or the one you prefer)
For your book cover: 2 full sheets of Mi-Teinte, dark color or similar, approximately 180/200 gsm

Some paper and background material like pigments, acrylics, gesso, gum arabicum etc. will be provided and are included in the course fee.

Massimo Polello Graphic Designer lives as a freelance artist in Turin, Italy

Date: 28 April to 1 of May 2023
Time: Fryday from 14:00 to Mondday 15:00
Place: Stadtteilhaus Prießnitzstraße 18, 01099 Dresden
Sees: 350 Euro
Students: max. 18 people
Registration: info(at)