Papiergeflüster (paper wispering)

Regular mettings and to exchange ideas about Calligraphy, Book Art and papers

Since 2005 there has been a loose-knit group of people meeting regularly in my studio to exchange ideas, experiences and current publications about Calligraphy and Bookbinding. Most are people who have met in my courses and wanted to continue working in this field. Therefore we offer the room but the ideas and content is presented by the visitors.

The first meeting happened in January 2005. And the first project was an exhibition “When letters learn to walk”, which opened in spring 2005 at Blue Child. The exhibition presented work of the course participants.

Every year since 2007, they have designed a new calendar. The participants choose a topic and then create calligraphic designs. The best are chosen and the printed in a small edition.

The topics so far have been:

Geschriebene Zeit (Written Time) 2007 view PDF
Kalligraphische Kostproben (Calligraphic Tastes) 2008 view PDF
Unbeschreibliches (Beyond Word) 2009 view PDF
Federleicht (Feather Light) 2010 view PDF
Chaos und Ordnung (Chaos and Order) 2011 view PDF
Durch Dick und Dünn (Through Thick and Thinn) 2012 view PDF
Aus dem Rahmen gefallen (Fallen out of Frame) 2013 view PDF
Verlorene Worte (Lost Words) 2014 view PDF
Kalligrafische BlickARTen (Calligraphic Views) 2015 view PDF
Palindrome (Palindromes) 2016 view  PDF
Wortgewand(t) (Eloquently) 2017 view PDF
Haiku (Haiku) 2018 view PDF
VerRückt (Insane|Shifted) 2019 view PDF
Kontraste (Contrast) 2020 PDF
SPRICHwörtliches (Proverbial) 2021 PDF

The new calender 2021 PDF is finished and can be ordered here with Jeannette Eckel (privat(at) The price is 29,90 Euro plus shipping.

We are always looking forward to old and new visitors. The meetings can be attended without any registration.
You can find the date for the next meeting under Aktuelles