Here and Now

with Laurie Doctor & Birgit Nass & Massimo Polello & Marí Emily Bohley

Course full – waiting list.

Make a book with four different teachers in Tuscany
Because we love working together so much and we found a wonderful course venue in Tuscany we decided to offer a unique course at this special place. We will have a pool, amazing food, a lot of room to work in different spaces and we are hoping to have a fantastic group of students like last time. The result of this course will be a book which will be filled with the experiences you will make with the four international teachers. The theme of the book will be “Here and Now”. We will be learning to be aware of place and time and how to translate that into words, sketches, calligraphy and drawings. Laurie will be exploring principles of landscape (scale, distance, pattern, repetition, time, movement…) and translating these principles into text. Massimo will be working with cursive writing, starting from our personal handwriting and will be developed using historical scripts. With Birgit you can find a concept throughout the book with interesting page designs and colors. Marí will be providing the book structures to bring it all together.
We will bring all the basic materials and tools for making the book. Please bring your personal calligraphy tools and if possible writing fluid.

Accommodation must be booked directly with the house at
There are 28 double or single rooms with different rates available:
Single rooms (breakfast included): from 82 Euro to 139 Euro
Single rooms (breakfast & dinner included): from 108 Euro to 165 Euro
Double rooms (breakfast included): from 104 Euro to 152 Euro
Double rooms (breakfast & dinner included): from 156 Euro to 204 Euro

The earlier you book, the more choices you will have. Please check with Villa Palagione the options and current prices when you book your room. Your registration for the course can only be secured once you book a room and pay your deposit with Villa Palagione.

Because there so many choices, everybody has to book the accommodation directly with the team at the Villa Palagione: 

Workshop venue
The Villa Palagione is located seven kilometres east of the 3000 year-old cultural centre of Volterra, on the southern slope of its historical mountain “Monte Voltraio”. The villa has numerous large rooms and halls. The “Lords and Ladies” lived on the central floor, or “Bel-Etage”, where today you can still find the most beautiful murals and frescoes. It offers accommodation for up to 65 guests, seminar and conference rooms, as well as beautiful gardens and a pool for recreation and relaxation. The in-house Tuscan cuisine varies according to the seasons and includes a breakfast buffet, and a midday or evening meal (a set meal with several courses) featuring regional specialties. For more information visit

Laurie Doctor Calligrapher and painter, lives in Kentucky, USA.
Birgit Nass Graphic designer, in Brietlingen, Germany.
Massimo Polello Graphic Designer works in Turin, Italy.

Date: 4 to 10 of September 2022
Time: Saturday evening to Friday lunch time
Place: Villa Palagione, Centro Interculturale, Loc. Palagione
I-56048 Volterra / Pisa, Italy
Prices: 720 Euro (course fee incl. basic material) to be paid before the course Accommodation must be booked directly with the house see above.
Students: Max. 32 (The students will be divided in groups and the teachers rotate and they will teach all groups the same amount of time.)
Registration: info(at)




Ständige Angebote:

10. 11. – 12. 11. 2023
Kalligrafische Weihnachtsideen

24. 11. – 26. 11. 2023
Kalligrafische Weihnachtsideen

 02. 12. 2023
Mail-Art im Albertinum



13. 01. 2024
Mail-Art im Albertinum

19. 01. – 21. 01. 2024
Batikpapiere und Koptische Bindung

09. 02. – 14. 02. 2024

14. 03. – 17. 03. 2024
Das Element LUFT

21. 03. – 24. 03. 2024
Das Element LUFT

05. 04. – 07. 04. 2024
Schirftspiele für Anfänger

03. 05. – 05. 05. 2024
Kalligrafische Handschrift gestalten

23. 05. – 26. 05. 2024
Vergoldung, Collage und Buchgestaltung

12. 06. – 17. 06. 2024

20. 06. – 25. 06. 2024

25. 08. – 31. 08. 2024
Buchstabenvariationen im Buch

14. 09. – 20. 09. 2024
Here and Now Again

11. 10. – 16. 10. 2024

19. 10. – 24. 10. 2024

08. 11. – 10. 11. 2024
Weihnachten im Briefformat

15. 11. – 17. 11. 2024
Weihnachten im Briefformat