Stadtteilhaus in Dresden

The Stadtteilhaus is located in the middle of Dresden’s Neustadt district. At the top is a nice bright room with a kitchen for tea and coffee. During the breaks you will find many restaurants, cafes and snack bars for refreshment and relaxation. The seminar room can accommodate 18 participants. Accommodation must be booked separately. Here is a link with accommodation possibilities in the vicinity of the seminar room. For more information: www.stadtteilhaus.de


Gut Frohberg near Meißen

Gut Frohberg is situated on a hill between Dresden, Meißen and Leipzig. The four-sided courtyard is surrounded by meadows, flower gardens and terraces. The large courtyard provides a Mediterranean atmosphere for peace and relaxation. The seminar room can accommodate up to 20 people at large tables. In the dining room guests are provided with vegetarian cuisine. Accommodation is available in single or double rooms. For more information: www.gutfrohberg.de


JH Zündholzfabrik in Lauenburg

Lauenburg is a charming, old boat town located directly on the river Elbe. In the winding alleys of the historical suburbs are many picturesque half-timbered houses. The modern conference house offers a complete in-house kitchen and individual and double rooms as desired. The seminar room has a very nice view of the Elbe and can accommodate 16 participants. For more information: www.zuendholzfabrik.de



VHS Klappholttal on Sylt

Klappholttal, the academy by the sea, is located between the North Sea coast of Kampen and List at the edge of the Nordsylt Nature Reserve, directly behind the west beach of the island and in the middle of the unique dune landscape. Guests are accommodated in simple, comfortable single or double rooms. The houses are scattered throughout dune area, which covers 7.5 ha. The seminar room can accommodate 18 participants. For more information: www.akademie-am-meer.de