Making of Cola Pen & Co

with Marí Emily Bohley

Making of experimental writing instruments
In three short videos I show step by step how to make Cola pens as well as writing tools with balsa wood and feather brushes and what you have to pay special attention to. In addition, I introduce further writing tools that can be easily produced and used for interesting designs. In further tutorials “Designing with Cola Pen & Co” and “Calligraphic Books” I show how and where to use the new writing tools.

Materials: Writing instruments (Cola Pen, balsa wood), writing fluid (ink, stain, bleach), paper (e.g. endpaper, drawing paper, colored paper)

Paying: After sending your request by e-mail you will get an invoice and you can choose to transfer the money in my account or to send it by Paypal.


Fee: 15 EUR
Request: info(at)