Personal Thoughts about Calligraphy – the art of writing

I feel the same way about Calligraphy as I do about life – Looking nice on the surface is not enough.   A calligraphic work only gets interesting for me when it conceals a secret – a story, experience or mood which isn’t learned by simply reading the text, but through the expression of the stroke, the choice of material and the untold between the lines.   A nicely written word creates pleasure, but a stroke which tells you about joy, ferocity, excitement, longing, searching and confusing feelings can fascinate much longer.

Beauty means liveliness for me.   It stays mysterious.   There will always be something left to discover which isn’t revealed at first glance.

My work is based on stories or experiences which I can’t always put in words and can only show through art.   When I create a work of art, like a collage or a canvas, which expresses something about my feelings but still holds a little secret, I find my work beautiful.   My idea can be summarized with the words of Saint Augustine:

“Beauty is the brilliance of truth”.

Marí Emily Bohley, 2008